Mentoring Program for Leadership Development

The Ecotourism and Sustainable Society Africa-TESSA Leadership and mentorship program (MPLD) to provide its members with an opportunity to gain experience; nurture their skills and get enlightened about the fundamentals and practices of ecotourism


To create and raise adequate awareness about the importance of ecotourism and its sustainability in Africa. To provide job training opportunities (through internship and attachments) for tourism students from universities and colleges within Africa Region.

Program Activities

  1. TESSA Annual Mentoring Program for Leadership Development Orientation Training.
  2. Annual Alumni Meet & Greet: Keeping in touch, promoting ecotourism benefits to participants.

Entry Requirements

To qualify, applicants must be continuing students in a recognized university or college in Africa pursuing either a diploma or degree.


The program accepts applications once each year on the following deadlines: 1st –January – 31st of June yearly.

Event Date

September –Yearly

Community-Based Enterprise Development Program-CBEDP

TESSA makes business development training in Ecotourism available in all Africa Countries communities. Participants are able to help each other understand formal business concepts, like costing or marketing, and develop stronger skills for business improvement in by creating job opportunities within the communities through nature’s tours. 

Objectives of CBEDP

To build capacity for local people to more effectively engage with tourism issues

To explore ideas for tourism involvements in their areas.

TESSA provides practical support to businesses and entrepreneurs in hard-to-reach Africa communities. The programme consists of CBEDP tourism training packages, CBEDP for Aspiring Entrepreneurs (AE) and CBEDP for Small Business Operators (SBO), as well as other modules on related topics.

Small Business Competitive Programme-SBCP

The Ecotourism and Sustainable Society Africa-TESSA sees ecotourism related activities as a tool of bringing social and economic benefits to the local community as well as a tool for promoting conservation of biodiversity.

TESSA develop SBCP due lack of empowerment in some Africa communities.

The focus here is on community owned, managed or run tourism enterprises in the different tourism regions in Africa.


TESSA provide start-up and operational guidance to enterprises and entrepreneurs in a number of tourism sectors integrating them into the mainstream tourism in their various communities in Africa whilst seeing that they continue conserving the natural areas from which they operate.

The Research Consultancy Programme-TRCP

TESSA main focus is on ecotourism and sustainability tourism, best practices, policy development and tourism planning and management.


To support entrepreneurs and communities to develop customer-oriented innovation and effective partnership with TESSA to improve sustainability in capacity building.


Establishing a regional training centers across Africa region